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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN

Hi David,

Le 2011-10-12 00:05, David Prévot a écrit :
Informing about fund raising activities for non profit organization,
gathered to pay hardware, transportation or venue (but not gift or
salary) could be acceptable, but should be strongly Debian related (i.e.
about Debian money), and shouldn't be use frequently (e.g. no more than
once a year).

So I propose the following policy:

*The DPN do not inform about fund raising initiative*

The following exception tries to reflect our current usage:

Once a year, mentioning the possibility to sponsor Debian (e.g. via its
DebConf event) is acceptable (but not mandatory).

If we want to make things crystal clear, we could drop the exception:
DebConf has other ways to inform about sponsorship (e.g. specific press

What do other regular editors of the DPN think about this proposal?

I'm against having policies on content. We'd better spend time reviewing issues than trying to create arbitrary policies. There could however be a guideline so that content submitters know what to expect if they submit advertisements: http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/Guidelines

What is important, without policies on content, is policies on publication. We should simply make sure that publication has to be done after a sufficient review, which should catch problems such as inadequate advertising. So that no one can sneak in an advertisement for a pet product at the last minute.

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