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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN

Hi David,

Le 2011-10-07 02:30, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :

On Thu, 06 Oct 2011, David Prévot wrote:
It's the second time [1] such an advertisement reaches the DPN, and I
don't find it suitable at all. I think it was a mistake the first time,
and it would be a shame to consider the first error as a precedent. For
the same reason we don't do sponsorship link in the official website
main page, I believe we should not relay such campaign in the official DPN.
I don't agree with you. It all depends on the goal of the project. Any
Debian-related project which has a goal to improve Debian (remember this
is about getting a DFSG-free Debian book) deserve a mention.

The fact that there is money involved should not be a sufficient reason
to refuse to cover it.

I don't really know what you put under "sponsorship link" but we have
sponsorhip links at various places, and we even used to have some
on the main web page at the time where the web mirrors were hosted
by third parties.

The criteria should be the same "would this help us towards our
goals?". And I think this project is clearly in the "yes" side.

I think we have to distinguish 2 things first:
  • Advertising the assurance contract for the translation to English
  • Advertising the "liberation fund"
The assurance contract is about providing a useful service to Debian users for a fee. It is our job as editors to determine if the offer is worth it to users, considering the price, and then worth being advertised in the DPN. No principle will tell you whether the answer is a clear Yes or a clear No.

The liberation fund is asking for donations to freely license the book's content. This part is quite clearly inappropriate for the DPN - if people think freeing the book deserves donations, they should get it listed as a specific option by SPI. If SPI considers this worthy of inclusion, then *maybe* the DPN could indicate that this option was added.

Then, there's how to put these things. On this, I pretty much agree with MJ Ray (the title "The Debian Administrator's Handbook needs your support", the reference to the book as a "bestseller" and the "So feel free to share the link." are all a little too much for official publications).
Also, the 12% going to Debian needs to be sourced, if it's actual.

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