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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN (Was: [Publicity-commits] r2683 - /dpn/en/current/index.wml)

On Fri, 07 Oct 2011, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> With my Publicity & Press hat on, I completely agree with David.

I also have a publicity hat. And I know at least one other person with a
press hat who said it would be ok to announce it on the DPN...

Can we just avoid this kind of assertion? It doesn't bring much to the

> Yes, sure it deserve a mention, but maybe is better to mention it when it
> will be published and not to pre-sell copies, isn't it?

But if the fundraising is not successful, there will be nothing to
mention. So we will have lost an opportunity to have a DFSG-free book.

What is best?

> Our intent is to inform: and sure we will inform people about another
> interesting and - I bet - useful piece of documentation when it will be
> available. But DPN is not intended to advertise commercial project, as
> the publication of your book seems to be.

As I said it really depends on the nature and the goal of the commercial

Debian does not live on an island, everybody has to earn some money one
way or another. I don't agree that the mere commercial nature of something
means we should not speak about it.

If Dell started to sell computers with Debian pre-installed, would you
also not cover this? 

I understand that you don't want the project to endorse this operation
with an official press release. But I disagree that we should voluntarily
hide its existence just because it's commercial.

(And I find it depressing that it's easier to promote a Debian-related project
outside of Debian than within Debian... FSF France supports the project,
LWN mentionned it, a Slashdot editor picked my story too, but
no Debian itself should not speak about it...)

> > I don't really know what you put under "sponsorship link" but we have
> > sponsorhip links at various places, and we even used to have some
> > on the main web page at the time where the web mirrors were hosted
> > by third parties.
> No. We *had* them: as now the web mirrors are only hosted on Debian
> machines, we have dropped them.

That's what I said. We had them and we had no major problem with this.

> The criteria here is: if the "donate" thingie is something correlated with the
> Debian Project *officially* (as, for instance, DebConf) and the money
> will go to the Debian Project, we publish it. 
> If not, I'm sorry but it won't find space in our *official* Newsletter.

This is not the proper way to build an "inclusive community".

Discriminating all commercial projects that can enrich the Debian
ecosystem is counter-productive.

> That said, I want to add that as usual in the Debian Project, the last
> word need to be the one of people who actually do the work. For this reason,
> I consider David's and Alexander's opinion a little bit more relevant
> than the other's one.

I am more and more thinking that we need a project-wide discussion about
how to deal with commercial projects.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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