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Re: new hardware support: calling for testing

Hi all,

On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 01:16:50AM +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:

Ben, thank you for the draft!

Below my proposal (only few lines integrating Ben's draft):
[@publicity team: I've added it also to svn repo, feel free to improve

==  Upcoming point releases and call for tests ==

{The Debian Project is pleased to announce | Philipp Kern, on behalf of
the Release Team, announced} that the upcoming point releases for Debian
5 <q>Lenny</q> and Debian 6 <q>Squeeze</q> are scheduled for October 1st
and October 8th respectively.
Debian <q>Squeeze</q> 6.0.3 will ship updated Linux kernel packages,
including bug fixes from the Linux 'longterm' series up to,
plus updated drivers supporting new gigabit Ethernet chips from Broadcom,
Intel, and Realtek.
New packages for 32-bit PC, 64-bit PC and PowerPC are already available
for installation
from the 'stable-proposed-updates' suite <http://wiki.debian.org/StableProposedUpdates>.
The Debian project invites interested users to pre-release test these
packages, especially on systems that use the updated drivers, possibly
within September 24th: so that if there will not be regressions, the new
drivers will be added to the upcoming point release.
The drivers being updated are:
* e1000e (#627700)
  - Add support for i82567V-4 and i82579
  - Fix support for i82577, i82578 and i82583
* igb, igbvf (#627702)
  - Add support for i82576-ET2, i82580, DH89xxCC, i340 and i350
* r8169 (#627704)
  - Fix support for RTL8102E and RTL8168DP
  - Add support for RTL8105E, RTL8168E and another variant of
  - Add support for D-Link DGE-530T rev C1
* tg3, broadcom (#627705)
  - Add support for BCM5717, BCM5719, BCM57765
  - Add support for BCM50610M and BCM5241 PHYs
  - Fix support for BCM5755
Any problems found in testing should be reported to the Debian bug
tracking system using the 'reportbug' tool. In case of regressions in 
the updated drivers, please follow up to the bug number listed above.


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