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Re: Internal communication - Mailing Lists Code of conduct

Le 2011-08-16 20:50, MJ Ray a écrit :
Filipus Klutiero<chealer@gmail.com>
Le 2011-08-12 11:05, MJ Ray a écrit :
ObOffer: I'll configure IRC monitoring of #debian-publicity for and
subscribe any DD who wants to receive its output, if that's OK.
Or not if it's not.
Thank you. What does "ObOffer" mean? And could you detail your offer? I
was thinking of something like http://thegrebs.com/irc/ or
http://ibot.rikers.org/%23debian/ but what kind of subscriptions do you
have in mind? Email digests?
ObOffer = Obligatory Offer.  Analagous to ObTopic.  I didn't feel that
I should write such an email without offering some small step that I
thought might help.
OK, thanks
I was thinking of email digests of channel activity matching patterns.
I thought that would be less intrusive than putting it on the web and
it would also avoid people having to read pages of irrelevant spew,
which IRC can be very good at generating sometimes.  People could
still discuss off-topic stuff and probably be ignored.
This is an idea. One advantage of a usual HTTP log would be to allow me to follow the rest of the channel's activity. ircAsync allows tagging messages as offtopic ("[off] sunny day here!") to prevent them from being logged. But I agree that for an approximate frequency of 1 message per 3 days, a simple email when such a message arrives could be better than checking the log every time you disconnect, typically every day.

However, if we need to match a special pattern, that means we have to change the workflow. If we have to change the workflow in any case, I think requiring a message to the mailing list would be no harder for content writers, simpler for reviewers, and wouldn't require you the effort of setting up your service.

So for now, thank you for the offer but I suggest waiting for more input.

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