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Re: Hardware ideas for the Debian Events Box (was: DebConf11 Events BoF, report!)


some corrections and notes about my previous posting:

Axel Beckert wrote:
> Not being satisfied so far, I looked for something different:
> "All-in-One PCs", i.e. mainboard and screen in one case.
> And happily there are some with Intel Atom E, e.g. the 20" ASUS EeeTop
> ET2011E-B0180 [4] with FreeDOS (i.e. without Windows! Yay!). 
> [4] http://www.brack.ch/tabid/261/stufe/263312/Default.aspx

Wrong link due to a copy & paste error. Should have been instead:


> With screen its CHF 700 are probably still more than planned, but less
> than without screen anyway.

Which should mean that compared to the other CHF 700 box I found, it's
more feasible because the screen is already included while the other
box was CHF 700 without screen...

> [...], Intel E5800 3.2GHz, [...]

Actually, that seems not to be an "Intel _Atom_ E-Something", but just
an "Intel E-Something" which is actually an Intel Pentium. Meh.

Anyway, according to
it has VT-x and is 64 bits, but has neither VT-d nor hyperthreading.

So I unfortunately found no hardware with an Intel Atom E processor.

Nevertheless I think that looking for those All-in-One PCs may be an
option if we don't find something of the format we planned, too.

		Regards, Axel
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