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DebConf11 Events BoF, do you want to contribute?

Hi there!

It seems that this year's Events BoF will be held in a big room:


This will be the time to discuss how the Events team works in Debian and
why we need such a team when the Publicity/Press team are doing a very
great job in promoting Debian.  Yet there are a lot of space for
improvement, as usual ;-)

At the beginning of DebCamp I put up my ToDo list (which obviously was
not completed, but this is another story):


Most of the work is still to be done, especially about restructuring the
event pages and defining a detailed procedure for booth management, but
we are back in business.

I invite anyone interested in such topics to join the discussion, it is
not like there will not be enough space...  Any input is appreciated,
especially if you have organized a booth and want to share your
experiences (good or bad, it does not matter, we learn from our errors).

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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