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Re: DebConf video announcement: please review and translate

On 2011-07-23 18:31, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
Hi all,
I've just added into the publicity repository a new announcement
ready for reviews and translations.

You can found it at:

Thank you Francesca. Great news!

<q>While previous Debian Conferences only had video coverage
on a best effort basis, this one might be the first one with complete
coverage of all sessions!</q>  says Holger Levsen, leader of the DebConf
Video Team:<q>The videos will also be of higher quality, we could ever
achieve with the equipment we lent for the last conferences</q>.
The second quote is rough. If I understand correctly and if I had to say that, I would say: The videos will also be of higher quality than we could ever achieve with the equipment we borrowed for the previous conferences.
This will be possible thanks to the donations from<a
href="http://www.hp.com/go/linux";>HP</a>  and<a
href="http://www.irill.org/";>IRILL</a>: the first provided several HP
elitebook 2540s while the second donate about 15,000 Euro with which the
DebConf Video Team was able to buy two professional cameras with tripods
plus two other cameras.
Both video streams and recordings will be available for all
DebConf11 talks and BoFs: the schedule of the conference and the relevant
links for the video streaming can be find on the<a
href="http://debconf11.debconf.org/watch.xhtml";>DebConf dedicated
"find" should read "found".

The Debian Project want to thank HP and IRILL for their generous support
and the DebConf Video Team for their amazing work.
"want" should read "wants". Or, that could just be dropped: "The Debian Project thanks HP and IRILL for their generous support"

You can also thank DebConf Video Team leaving a comment on the<a
s/DebConf Video Team/the DebConf Video Team/

<h2>About HP</h2>

HP is a multinational IT corporation based in the USA and founded in
1939 which offers open source and Linux Solutions for the largest
enterprises to small and medium businesses.

<h2>About IRILL</h2>

IRILL (Initiative de Recherche et Innovation sur le Logiciel Libre) has
been created by UPMC, Université Paris Diderot and INRIA to take over
some of the significant challenges coming from the generalization of Free
and Open Source Software, bringing together in one place leading
researchers and scientist, expert FOSS developers and FOSS industry
Hum, this language isn't impressive. Were these blurbs reviewed by HP and IRILL? At least "bringing together in one place leading researchers and scientist" is definitely wrong.

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