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Re: Debian Project News 2011/11 frozen. Pleaase review and translate.

On 2011-07-22 15:55, Francesca Ciceri wrote:

We just finished the last bits for the latest issue of the Debian Project
News to be released Monday. We would appreciate reviews and translations.

Instructions can be found on http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews.

As usual, the issue is available on the publicity subversion repository,
even via HTTP:

Thank you Francesca. Here are my remarks:

Moray Allan announced a <a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2011/07/msg00007.html";>\
call for DebConf13 bids</a>.
"announcing a call" is unusual. This should probably read "sent a call", or maybe just "called"?

and add a link to<a
href="http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13";>DebConf13 page</a>
Either "*the* DebConf13 page" or just "DebConf13".

There has also been
 a further <q>People behind Debian</q> interview, with
Martin Michlmayr</a>, former Debian Project Leader.
I am not a native English speaker, sorry, but I'm not 100% sure that "further" is the right word here.

These images are based on Debian and contain kernel version 2.6.38 with firmware and
a modified DHCP client for buggy MacOS X DHCP servers.
s/MacOS X/Mac OS X/

Michael's request is also open also those who are not yet Debian Developers.
Something's wrong with that sentence...

1099 packages were added to the unstable Debian archive recently.
*Cough cough* Are we sure more than a thousand packages were added in a month? I see NEW being cleared, but nothing that big. The featured list is a lot smaller.

BTW, I saw that in the source, not sure what it is about:
## NOTE:
## should be reworded (this time only)!

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