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Store/Brigde supplier T-shirt/prints papers Old: debian event box

Hi all,
Sorry my english... I'm on the list is long but very hard to follow without knowing English, even participate. :(

I would suggest Debian helps to have an environment and supplier type "Zazzle.com" (or alternative);


A store "official" Debian Community can foster more community.

This store can act as a bridge for distribution and production of materials for the 'debian event box'. Example: Production of printed t-shirt or business card, papers,etc.. can be made in zazzle and directed to deliver on site (local event box).

Who uses Zazzle?
Gnome - http://www.zazzle.com/gnome

The Zazzle already sells 'Debian products' and currently does not allow someone to register a store "/debian"

I registered two stores:
/debconf  and  /debianart

If you are interested I can help organize the items in the store and share administration.

We could try a partnership with Zazzle and have discounts for official production of things to Debian.

We can provide "discount codes" for developers or contributors.

When buying in bulk for an 'debian event box', we have good discounts depending on the location and the shipping is free.

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