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Re: worth citation? AVG ec2 ami is debian based

Andre Felipe Machado
> Is it worth to cite the new AVG offer [0] ?
> Could it be used to show that Debian Project is business friendly and protect
> other OS too?
> [0] http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=11238

I don't really understand what the offer is.

    "AVG's AMI consists of a hardened Debian Linux operating system
    with AVG's pre-configured anti-virus technology which can be
    launched, ready for use, as rapidly as any other instance on
    Amazon EC2."

So this is a copy of Debian with proprietary software preinstalled?
Is it just a package (I assume not, as a sources.list.d file and an
apt-get doesn't seem hard enough to be a useful offer), or have they
modified other stuff?

Anyway, I think that's independent of being business-friendly.  There
are plenty of fine 100% free (as in freedom) business lines.  I'd be
disappointed to see the debian project promote an AVG suck-in and I
would expect the project to attract a lot of flame for promoting it.

Thanks anyway,
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