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Re: Debian Project News 2011/09 frozen. Please review and translate

Hi all again,

Regarding this subject and reporting some advances, I'll past my IRC conversation with Francesca Cicceri (MadameZou).
Sorry for the rough copy/paste, but I think it will explain in direct speech my ideias.

The subject is about an anterior talk between me and Filipe Van de Wiel (Faw), regarding pt_PT and pt_BR translation future split and how to do that.
Just to remind that this split is already done and active (for some years now) on -l10n po debconfs.

<quoting IRC talk>

"<ruipb> 1- I'm in a standy state, waiting for the DenConf output , regard the pt_PT and pt_BR
<ruipb> s/standy/standby
<ruipb> 2- So I was thinking about crating in the svn (alioth) the pt_PT ahead
<ruipb> 3- will not be uploaded to www yet , but pt_PT will stay there waiting
<ruipb> 4 -after the split , pt_PT will be ready to build and upload to WWW
<ruipb> (build means wml2html)
<ruipb> since taffit created for me first time the pt branch on the svn
<ruipb> and I would like to report my talk with faw
<ruipb> (that was about what I have just sad)
<ruipb> :P
<ruipb> msantana: will start after his hollidays with pt_BR again
<MadameZou> wow!
<ruipb> so we have the oppurtunity to have finally the two branches for pt
<ruipb> sorry for this writed testament
<ruipb> :P
<MadameZou> eheh np
<ruipb> so for now I'll will just arrange the svn pt_PT , and I would like to know if its peacefull
<ruipb> no www commit will be made
<ruipb> and all the translations will be pt_PT translation team reviewed
<MadameZou> ruipb: the idea seems ok to me
<ruipb> sincerely I tired of wiating for the debconf conclusions , I'm eager to qork
<ruipb> *work
<MadameZou> ruipb: \o/
<ruipb> I'm cant see no more commit of your , and no translation been made by me
<ruipb> :|
<ruipb> s/your/yours (all team)
<ruipb> or work done
<ruipb> neverthless this talk here, I'll report at the mailing list (CC'ing faw and msantana )
<ruipb> its seems a nice point of active start for me
<ruipb> (and I could help you "breaking" something ....at least be a candidate for something sort of :) )
<MadameZou> :) ok. so do you need help in creating an svn repo for pt_PT?
<ruipb> thinl not
<ruipb> *think
<ruipb> let me try
<ruipb> in a couple of minutes
<ruipb> I'm explaining a small girl what this OS is about
<MadameZou> \o/ "

</quoting IRC talk>

Sorry for the long paste.

So that's more like a report of future development and pt ---> pt_PT branch side work.
If everything goes "on track", future tasks would be (after Debconf outcomes):

* pt_PT coordination mailing list migration to a debian.org one
* -www pt_PT and pt_BR url links issue (to study)

Cheers to all
(and thanks for MadameZou
for being a nuclear powered
IRC host for everyone) :)

Looking eager to do more and more,

Rui Branco (ruipb)
"Traduz" - Portuguese Translation Team

On 06/08/2011 11:25 AM, Rui Pedro wrote:
Hi David,

Good news after all.
I'll get in touch with Portuguese coordination for further instructions how
to publish, and meanwhile study the wiki and the svn procedures (with my alioth account).

Thanks for your attention,


Rui Branco
"Traduz" - Portuguese Translation Team

On 06/08/2011 12:34 AM, David Prévot wrote:
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Hi Rui,

Le 07/06/2011 18:35, Rui Pedro a écrit :

Sorry for coming right upon the latest hour, but I like to submit the
Portuguese (pt) Translation of this DPN.
You're far from the latest hour: the DPN is not even sent yet ;-).
Committed in the publicity repository to allow others to proofread your
translation, thanks.


Had no time to figure all the right procedure, neverthless I have a
Alioth account, but I will send this one directly if its allright to you.
In order to be published in the website, please get in touch with
coordinators of Portuguese translation for the Debian web pages [0],
debian-l10n-portuguese@l.d.o CCed in that purpose. You should find all
information you need in the wiki in regard to the DPN and commit access,
please ask back in debian-publicity@l.d.o if something is missing (so we
can answer to your questions and improve the wiki pages).

0: http://www.debian.org/devel/website/translation_coordinators


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