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Informations about the "Lleva un paquetico en tu corazón" event

Hi Luis,
my name is Francesca and I am part of the Debian events team and of the
Debian publicity/press team. I'm writing to you because I've noted the
wiki page about "Lleva un paquetico en tu corazón" and I'd like to have
more info about it, to promote it (maybe via DPN or with a specific
announcement and/or add it on the /events/ page on www.debian.org .

What you think about it? Could you please send me some infos in english
explaining who is organizing, what are the aims, where it will be (yes,
on IRC but it seems that you also will be on a specific place/event --
Campus Party? the wiki link to it lead to an empty page), when and so

Francesca Ciceri
<taffit> eof: when I want something | "Convince people with results,
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