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Re: DebianDay - call for organization?!

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 06:14:42PM -0300, Valessio S Brito wrote:
> This year the statements could not be text-only .. but in images and
> video. What do you think? how is this possible?
> We had great appreciation for the social networks (identi.ca, irc,
> twitter, facebook,...) but we can not monitor all...
> Citando Alexander Reshetov <eof@debian-by.org>:
> >I just remembered a wonderful page "Debian Appreciation Day" [1].
> >I belive that it should be announced in this year too.  And all
> >subsequent ;-)
> >This isn't about organization Debian Days (in meaning of something like
> >a party, which discussed in the beginning of thread) but it's part of
> >greate event in Debian world and good moment to say thanks for anyone
> >in Debian Community.
> >
> > 1 : http://thank.debian.net
> >

For images it can be e.g. FTP server. But uploaded photos maybe should be
reviewed before public access (or any other way to protect from vandalism).

I'm not sure about video. What it can be? I had only one idea about some
sort of video contest, like linux video contest [1]. But i'm not sure that
many people would participate.

 1 : http://video.linux.com/20th-anniversary-video-contest

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