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Re: Press Release draft for GSoC 2011 applications opening

On Ma, 29 mar 11, 11:20:42, Obey Arthur Liu wrote:
> Please find our draft at: http://titanpad.com/r8N3deRTGK
> Snapshot follows.
> ===
> <h1>Debian welcomes student applications for Google Summer of Code 2011</h1>
Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like applications were not welcome 
before :) May I suggest:

<h1>Debian is now accepting applications for Google Summer of Code 2011</h1>

> <p><em>Debian</em> is now welcoming students to apply for <em>Google

an here "... is now inviting students to apply..."

> Summer of Code 2011</em> with <em>Debian</em>. This will be the sixth
> consecutive participation of <em>Debian</em> and as each year, the
> developer community looks forward to introduce students to the world
> of <em>Debian</em> and Free Software.</p>
> <p><em>Summer of Code</em> projects from the past years have provided
> valuable contributions to <em>Debian</em>. They have been
                                              also? ^^^^^
> opportunities for students to propose innovative new ideas to
> <em>Debian</em> as well as for developers to collaborate with students
> on code critical to <em>Debian</em>. Many successful students have
> gone on to become <em>Debian</em>project members.</p>
                   missing space ^^^
> <p>The range of project themes proposed to students is one of the
> widest among all participating organizations, encompassing subjects
> such as porting the <em>Debian</em> system to new architectures,
> improving tools for package management, extending the developer

maybe s/developer/Debian/ since the Debian infrastructure is not only 
for developers/developing :)

> infrastructure and better integration with other well-known open
> source projects.</p>

Kind regards,
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