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Re: Poster Was: Booth for Chemnitzer LinuxTage?

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 03:04:15PM +0100, Jan Wagner wrote:
> > > As I think the general stuff is mostly ready, there is even some work
> > > needed. Last year we featured[3] "snapshots.debian.net" and "Debian Pure
> > > Blends". We should use some different topics. It would be cool to have
> > > one for "Usability" (like snapshots.d.n last year) and one additional. A
> > > Draft can be found[4] in the Wiki.
> > > 
> > > As always ... it would be neat to get ideas and feedback until 26th Feb,
> > > so we can just release the Banner by time.
> > 
> > Jan, should the poster be in German or English would be fine?
> As the main audience are German, we should keep it in German.

Yes.  The CLT is a German event (sorry Luca) but IMHO this is no real
problem because in case some non-Germans might come around aural
translation is easy.
> But we could collect usefull topics in English. Please keep in mind, that we 
> have limited space and we can't change fontsize and stuff. So we need one ore 
> two things we can mention shortly.

I might be biased by the Blends topic but I'd like to propose mentioning
Debian GIS and Debian Multimedia as new Blends which are definitely
targeting at the usual audience (if free space permits also DebiChem).
I'd feel competent to provide some content for both in case this is

Other ideas might be DebTags and DDTP translations which seem to be a
singular feature (besides Screenshots) for Debian and which were
mentioned explicitely in the App-Store discussion in Nürnberg.

Kind regards



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