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Re: Funny / interesting facts about Debian

On Sun, 30 Jan 2011, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> So if you have nice ideas, what to report (ideally not only question,
> but also already the anser ;) please contact us!
may be it is worth a wiki page so we do not duplicate each other?

Community (some might need a bit of work to collect statistics):
number of 
* emails in the mailing list(s)?
* emails in the longest thread
* mailing list(s) participants (new/old)
* posts at debian planet
* active derivatives
* bugs forwarded upstream
* new/retired contributors

* $ spent on debconfX ;-)
* donations received (list most generous donors)

* gross average of versions per package between releases (upstream +
  debian revisions)
* how many machines are used by Debian (+in how many countries)
* countries, largest Debian users, (per million of inhebitants -- I believe there was
  a post somewhere iirc)

* number (names?) of conferences Debian participated at
* number of podcasts

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