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DPN, rt, d-i


You might wonder, when the next issue of the Debian Project News will be
released.  Well, to be honest, I can't answer that question.

In theory, it is finished and could be frozen and reviewed;  however,
rumour has it, that a) the release team will soonish send new "Bits
from" and b) debian-installer team is about to publish a release candidate.

Given that the first two paragraphs of the current DPN draft are the
release teams "bits from" mail and the beta2 of the d-i, I actually
don't think, that it makes much sense to freeze the DPN as it is; as
major parts of it might be obsoleted soonish.

I pinged both d-i and rt and asked for their timeline, but got no answer
so far.

So I guess the best thing we can do, is freeze it tomorrow morning,
release it the day after tomorrow in the evening (therefore still having
more or less two days for reviewing and translating), and should d-i or
rt react in the meantime, rewrite these paragraphs if that happens, and
hope, that we can keep at least part of it.

Best regards,

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