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Fwd: Thank you


As I'm not the only one working on it, here comes a mail sweeter than
honey.  I love to get them :)

Best regards,

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: Thank you
Datum: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 18:52:10 +0000
Von: Greg <------>
An: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org>

I always feel a little guilty, when I read your appeals at the bottom of
'Debian Project News' for help.  I read the News.. sometimes including
the lists of orphaned packages.. because I have little time to read any

So, thank you, thank you very much, to you and your various colleagues.

I find 'Debian Project News' useful, helpful, encouraging.

Ottawa, Canada


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