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Re: An additional flavor for the official logo

Thank you guys for the replies,

And sorry for the delay with a follow-up:  Debian SfN booth [2] got busy ;-)

>> What would be your 'spelling' of the acronym (see ours in the document
>> metadata)?
> Please expand it here, I haven't found the document metadata :)

Well, let me simply describe why/how VSOP bottle emerged.  For the
Debian brochure [1], initially we used a plain swirl logo without a bottle
(since that is what people actually associate with Debian in my
experience).  Instead of an extended list of paragraphs praising
Debian we tried to distill main "aspects" of Debian to 'hook up'
the readers of the brochure.  We wanted to make brochure catchy,
informative AND digestable for scientists approaching Debian booth.

So, we had to come up with a very brief outline of the key 'pros' of
Debian in terms of buzz-words:

Debian's moto of being "Universal" has brought already multiple
discussions of what it actually means;  to my taste "Universal" lacks
direct practicality aspect, which seems to be captured by the term of 
"Versatile".  Hence Versatile became the first.  

Next quality (as you pointed out associated with Debian magic) is
"Simple" -- main operations (install/upgrade) are plain simple.  For the
final version of brochure we used "Secure" though to have uniform
association with Debian.org urls

And of cause Debian is "Open" in a variety of ways.

So, naturally VSO emerged; then Debian's bottle came to mind -- and it
made total sense to give it a "P" ;)  Not to say that "Very special..."
from the original transliteration felt quite relevant to Debian in my

That is why I decided to share such a "view" of the official logo, which
might trigger some smile and even direct associations for those who are
not familiar with a 'magical' aspect of the logo, but rather feel some
sympathy to 'Very special' items in their bar collections. Sure thing,
it was not my intent to suggest it as a replacement of the official
logo, and under the same grounds we have not used it for our brochure to
be distributed at a scientific conference. I just wanted to give our
logo a bit of new flavor.  I still think that not for "official"
representation of Debian, but  for some more private Debian meetings or
even attributes (e.g t-shirts, not to say possible future Debian wine
bottles) it might come appropriate.

[1] our final version of Debian/NeuroDebian tri-fold we are distributing
at SfN 2010:
sources (LaTeX) are available at

[2] photo of the SfN booth before any visitors were allowed:
Official report for -publicity to come upon conference completion.

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