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Re: Debian Magazine

On Sep 30, 2010, at 21:48, Gustavo Jordan wrote:

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Hello Jeremiah,

Have a project that requires collaboration and planning for the
idealization, the main idea is to create an e-zine, and I think we can
plan for it to be distributed online.
This project is called DebianZine.org


Let's think about the planning I believe we can make a good zine. One
example that we have is the Full Circle.


Full circle is actually published by the same folks who publish the Ubuntu User magazine. But any contribution we can create inside Debian to either create our own regular source of news in a magazine-like format or to contribute to another existing magazine is a Good Thing I think.

As long as we can take what we already develop weekly, publish it more professionally and widely, then I think we're providing a good service to Debian. I'm happy to contribute to DebiaZine too of course and think we should definitely co-ordinate our planning.

Warm regards,


Kind Regards

Em 30-09-2010 08:49, Jeremiah Foster escreveu:
> Hello,
> There is a magazine called Ubuntu User: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/
> I subscribe to this magazine and I think it's pretty good. If there
> were a Debian Magazine I'd subscribe to that too. But as far as I
> can tell, there is no such publication. I would like to change that.
> Here's my proposal.
> We most likely cannot create a magazine overnight, but we can maybe
> take some small steps in that direction to test the waters. The
> waters that need testing are of course the existence of the demand
> for such a magazine and the ability of the Debian project to
> contribute to it in such a manner that it can wear the Debian mantle.
> I propose that we ask Ubuntu User magazine if we can contribute
> quarterly a roughly two page section of their magazine specifically
> devoted to Debian news. I imagine its readers would like this - I
> know I would. Debian could then cull information from the now fairly
> regular Debian Project News publication, expand on the articles if
> necessary, contribute these directly to Ubuntu user, and then spin
> off a high quality pdf with which it can release through a variety
> of channels. Ubuntu user would get more copy to publish relevant to
> its readership.
> Personally, I'd prefer no money changed hands. We already have a
> group of people producing this type of information inside Debian, I
> think we can leverage that, giving copyright and credit where due of
> course. Debian would feel free to use this material as well in any
> format or situation that Debian felt fit. We could have the pdfs
> printed out at conferences for example, distribute them to the
> Press, etc. So Debian would have copyright control over the
> information and essentially donate this material to Ubuntu User.
> Does this sound viable? If both the Debian and Ubuntu User side
> think it is viable, it would be nice to get together perhaps on IRC
> or on the Debian-publicity mailing list and we can begin to sketch
> out how this cooperation might work.
> Warm regards,
> Jeremiah C. Foster

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