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Re: Debian-News.net down

 Hi Roman, Simon

- thanks for the concern!

On 23-09-2010 21:00, Simon Paillard wrote:

Right people in CC, email a one click of the debian-news homepage..
Contact: http://www.debian-news.net/about/

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 06:15:37PM +0400, Roman Khomasuridze wrote:
I mentioned problems with debian-news.net these days, and now's theres a
banner about seeking new hosting company.
Good thing is I work at one, so we can offer quality hosting service for
debian-news (plus I'll be realy happy to contribute to debian project, at
least this way)

I'm not sure this is right place to post about it, and if not, well...
sorry, and maybe you can guide me to correct ML or contact.
I've been off-line when all this happened, so we've found a webhost to use - but thanks for the offer. I subscribe to this list, so I also got the mail....offline...

http://www.debian-news.net/ :
« Debian-News is not related to the Debian Project. »

By the way, that would be great that debian-news people contribute to
Debian Project News as they watch Debian community !

A long, long time ago I was in contact with Martin about this, but it ended up with that I had to write an email every time I posted a news item (and all my suggestions were rejected) - so I gave it up. As I am posting mostly what 'others' write about Debian and relatively little from the lists or Debian Planet - well, would that be relevant or interesting.

But perhaps there is an easier way now; does some of the stories/links at debian-news.net qualify for inclusion in DPN, I would be happy to help out in some way!


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