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Notes from a small DD (mainly publicity-based) come-together at FrOSCon 2010


As announced[1], we had a small meeting during this years FrOSCon.

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (Publicity, Partners)
Bernd Zeimetz (Hardware Donations)
Martin Zobel-Helas (DSA, Listmaster)
Meike Reichle (Publicity, Partners)
Peter Palfrader (DSA, Hardware Donations)

At some points, some other DDs joined the meeting and gave their input:
Alexander Wirt (Listmaster)
Gerfried Fuchs (Webmaster)
Jörg Jaspert (FTPMaster)

Handling of (publicity-related) moderated mailing lists
One topic was the current moderation of the debian-news[2] and
debian-announce[3] mailing lists.  The current model of moderation
doesn't scale very well, but creates a single point of failure for
releasing issues of the project news.

So it was discussed whether the moderation could be moved to a gpg
signature based one similar to what is already in action for various
other mailing lists. It shouldn't be too hard to create keyrings for
these lists.

Initialy these keyrings should contain the keys of the current press
team.  Further keys should be added on request of members of the

Partner's website (proposal)
Another topic of the meeting was the current state of the partner's
programm[4] and the partners website[5] of the project in general. Meike
gave a short input of the status-quo and current criteria to be listed.
Attending DSA members expressed the wish to list hostings and hardware
sponsors as well as possibly partners.  Members of the partners team
expressed the wish to better list financial partners.

We agreed in proposing new procedures for the partners website and came
up with redoing the current topics to "Community Partners", "Hosting
Partners",  "Hardware Partners" and "Financial Partners". It was
suggested that the current "Development Partners" should be moved into
the "Community Partners" section as they mostly sponsor development of
community driven projects. A discussion came up if partners need to
reapply after a certain time, though we had no real consensus on that

It was discussed whether listings should be ordered by qualitative
criteria, such as the amount of financial support. This idea was dropped
as no other criteria could be found for hosting and especially community
partners. The best idea seems therefore to sort them either
alphabetically or in order of the acceptance date.

We agreed that before actually doing any changes those need to be
discussed on the -project or -publicity mailinglist.

Gerfried Fuchs was asked about an opinion as webmaster for the required
website changes. One comment was to make sure that the describing texts
of partners are more or less of the same length while working on that
page, and be of similar preferably neutral wording style. Currently
there are two proposals about the implementation of the partners split:
Four sub pages or a table based layout with four columns. If the table
layout is choosen, Gerfried asked to please assure that it will also be
readable at smaller resolutions.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2010/08/msg00065.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-news/
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-announce/
[4] http://www.debian.org/partners/partners
[5] http://www.debian.org/partners/

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