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follow debian subject maillisting

I was thinking about the idea of following discussions in various lists related debian. Then came an idea to build a social network to follow the "Subject" of any list that speaks something about Debian.

Is still somewhat experimental. I am running with only lists.debian.org

In the future we can register lists around the world (google groups, yahoo groups, others).

Follow a subject or tag, filter by groups or even a search on "Subject of a particular bug, meeting or work."

No need to register on the site, you can SUBSCRIBE to forward his account identi.ca or any federated network.

I think once people can give more attention to the subject of a message because it knows it will be replicated in other networks.

What do you think of a network to Follow Debian? We have our own system to follow Bugs, Discussion, Developers, etc...

see BETA version:  http://follow.debianart.org/


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