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Re: squeeze upcoming release


On Wednesday 25 August 2010 22.32:07 Patricio López S. wrote:

> My name is Patricio López and i'm from Chile, well i write to this list
> because here in my country the Debian community is pretty "silent" so I
> and some other Debian users started a new community some days ago.

Welcome!  What kind of community is this?  Web?  Local group?  Mailing list?

> Also since we are getting close to the squeeze release i wanted to know
> where can i get news about the date of it's release, so we can organize
> an event for the day Squeeze comes out.

Squeeze is frozen, the release should happen "any time now", which 
translates to probably this hear.  I don't think anything closer than that 
is known.

Personally (and I mean this, this is in now way official) I feel local user 
groups should be as "thin" as possible, and bring people in contact with the 
Debian project.  For example, I'm a member (and, as it happens, co-founder) 
of debian.ch, and while we do have a web page and a mailing list, we almost 
only do local stuff (event coordination, ...) on our mailing list and our 
#debian.ch IRC channel, while most technical Debian stuff happens on the 
general Debian channels (lists.debian.org, #debian-devel IRC channel, ...) 

There are two reasons for this: first, the local group is not "just a few 
people", but is really part of the whole Debian project (for example: you 
could point people at the existing spanish and/or english language mailing 
lists/IRC channel/web forums... instead of having a new channel/forum that 
is silently waiting to attract new users) and second, there is no danger of 
the Debian community fracturing in local groups where one group doesn't know 
what other groups do.

(Why do I write all this?  From your question about the release date, it 
seems that you're not very familiar with the "inner workings" of the Debian 
project yet.  To get your new community up and running, you may want to get 
involved with the worldwide Debian project to some degree.  I believe there 
are a few Debian developers in Chile, you may want to get in touch.)

-- vbi

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