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Re: review for public announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010

On 24/08/10 at 21:56 +0200, Carl Chenet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd would be great if my announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010 could be
> reviewed before posting it d-d-a@l.d.o. and possibly in other public
> places. Any advice is welcomed.
> --8<--
> The Debian France association organizes the first Mini-Debconf Paris.

maybe just "Debian France organizes"?

> This event will greet everyone with an interest in the Debian project
> for a series of talks and workshops about Debian. Allowing Debian users,
> contributors and developers to meet each other is also one of the main
> goals of this event. We especially are looking forward to meeting Debian
> developers available worldwide ;)
> The Mini-Debconf Paris 2010 will be held at the René Diderot University,

René -> Denis (hé oui!)

> Paris, France the October 30th and 31th. 
> The related information is in the Debconf wiki [1]. Il you wish to
> attend, it is *mandatory* to add some information about you on this page
> because of the University security.
> We are in the process of defining the talks and workshops. If you wish
> to contribute, please let us know by dropping me an email or writing
> your talk/workshop in the Debconf wiki before September 15th.

- Lucas

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