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Re: Working with UWN and DPN

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 09:05:33PM -0400, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> CC'ing Debian Publicity because it looks like that might encourage
> greater collaboration.

Thanks for the Cc:-Jeremiah.

Disclaimer: I'm not an editor of DPN, I've merely contributed some news
in the past.

Still, the idea of collaboration sounds good, as we can find news items
that are worth mentioning in both newsletters, although I'm not entirely
sure they can be shared char-by-char, due to potential style

Anyhow, my best shot at collaborating would be to have a common landing
area where information bits that are potentially interesting for both
projects are collected. From such a repository, the respective editors
of the newsletters can pick whatever they please.

The actual feasibility of that on our side can best be commented upon
only by DPN editors, which you can reach via this list (but that AFAIK
are mostly on vacation these days, so please allow for some delay).


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