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Mini debconf report

Hi team,
Sorry for asking stuff which I could RTFM but I am curious on the
scope and I haven't written any official reports.

Indian Debian team has just concluded its 0.5 + 2 day Mini Deb Conf at
Pune, India . We have kind of kick started an activity for Debian
contribution .

The schedule more or less was like this : Introduction to debian
project, how to contribute, education and debian, How to package
workshop, reporting bugs workshop, downloading upstream compiling and
create packages . A discussion on Education and FOSS which followed
with a discussion on a downstream project called BOSS which is Govt
custom distro of debian .

I would like to present it to debian news. Do you have any tips on how
I could write it so that it looks official .

My linguistic writing skills are poor as you could see at
http://look-pavi.blogspot.com/search/label/minidebconf where I wrote
my unofficial blog posts.


pavithran sakamuri

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