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Re: Debian Project News 2010/09 frozen, please review and translate

Hi David!

Am 11.08.2010 03:27, schrieb David Prévot:

>> As I finished this issue quite late (it should have been released
>> yesterday and frozen last friday), I would appreciate it, if it could be
>> reviewed faster than the usual two days.  Would it be possible, to send
>> it out tomorrow?
> On the contrary, since it is very big (maybe the three Debian Blend
> related articles could have been merge in only one article), and there
> is not a weekend to work on it as usual, it would be nice, at least for
> translator teams, to have some more days to deal with it (e.g. for the
> French team, there is no way it will be ready tomorrow).

I'm well aware of the size of this issue.  However, I hoped that as the
majority was written by native English speakers the review of the
English version could be minimized, and we could send the translations
unsynchronized out whenever they are ready.

Not the ideal solution, but at least the readers of the English version
would get it without much more delay.

Best regards,

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