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Bug#592317: developers-reference: Document the communication channels and what's expected from DD in terms of communication/marketing

Package: developers-reference
Version: 3.4.3
Severity: wishlist

In the publicity Bof at debconf, we agreed that we need to better
communicate to DD the various communication channels that are available
and the way that they are expected to use them.

Among important things:
- we want to make sure that people use d-d-a only for stuff relevant to
  developers only, other announces or press-releases ought to be sent to
  debian-news or debian-announce via the press team
- we want developers to use wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews if they have
  stuff that's not worth a single mail to d-d-a
- we want contributors to suggest entries for the Debian Project News by
  sending mails to debian-publicity
- we want people to coordinate announces/press releases with
  debian-publicity@l.d.o or press@debian.org (only for announces that
  should not leak via the ML)
- we want DD to know that they can help because they have commit rights
  to the DPN svn repository

Maybe people from debian-publicity have other items to suggest.

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