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DDs, please feel free to commit to the DPN directly


The svn repository used to draft the Debian Project News just passed the
sixth hundreds commit.  If my calculations are correct, that's quite
more than the number of edits done, back when the DPN was drafted in the
wiki.  I take it as a hint, that the new workflow works better than the
old one.

However, playing a bit with statistics (done by horrible shell one
liners ;) I noticed, that - while every Debian Developer may commit to
the subversion repository - not that many commits from other DDs where
made: Of the 601 commits so far, only 69 where done by other DDs.

So I would like to advertise the Debian Project News and invite every DD
to help us and to commit directly.  It's quite easy:

Run "svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/publicity/dpn/en/current", edit
the index.wml file, and then commit your changes back to the repository.
(Well, idealy you would also honor "Status" flag and won't commit, if
it's not "open-for-edit".)

As for the format:  While we indeed use wml, you just need some basic
HTML knowledge.  To add a paragraph just use the following with proper

<a name="X"></a>
<h2>Fancy title</h2>

<p>More details about the topic.</p>

Usually the articles are kind of sorted by importance, so unless you are
pretty sure it might be the easiest to just add your article at the end
of the regular news, just before the "other news" sections.

Should you not be able to fill an entire paragraph, feel free to just a
one or two sentences to the "other news" section (just add a
"<p>...</p>" with your content to the end of the "other news").

Don't wory about style, your english or syntax:  It won't end up on the
web page directly, it's reviewed and checked, so you can't do anything

More details are available in the wiki at
<http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/HowToContribute>.  Feel free to ask
any questions unanswered on the publicity list at
debian-publicity@lists.debian.org (M-F-T set accordingly).  Feel also
free to contact us there, if you would like to help by translations or
reviews.  The more people help, the less work it's for everyone :)

If you are not a Debian Developer, but still would like to help us, it's
no problem.  All you need is an account on our Alioth System (very easy
to get, you just need to ask) and request to join the "publicity"
project.  See
for the respective links.

Best Regards,

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