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Can't set the svn keywords properties to use the translation check header


I follow the "Keyword expansion and subversion" subsection in the
HowToContribute Wiki [1], but I can't create my own ID as an example:

# $Id: 2010-04-07-minidebconf-germany.wml 76 2010-04-08 14:54:31Z
tolimar $

I made a commit [2] with the spanish translation of the MiniDebConf in
Germany announce, I changed my "~/.subversion/config" adding "*.wml =
svn:keywords="Author Date Id Rev URL";" and uncommenting the
"enable-auto-props = yes" line but the ID didn't create automatically
with my own data after I deleted it, I only see the following in the

Propchange: announcements/es/2010/2010-04-07-minidebconf-germany.wml
    svn:keywords = Date Author Id Rev

Any advice please?

Best Regards!

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/HowToContribute
Fernando C. Estrada - http://www.fcestrada.com

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