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Re: Google AdSense for Debian

On Wednesday 03 February 2010 08.02:41 Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> Yodel!
> I've been sent a voucher for 125.-- worth of Google Ads.  How should I
>  use it?
> I'll need
>  * a title (2 or 3 words perhaps)
>  * a text (5 to 10 words)
>  * what URL to point to
>  * Keywords when the ad should show.

Hmm.  I was just thinking about a text like "Help promote Free Software!  
Don't click on this Ad."

I wonder if this would mean more or fewer people actually clicking on this 
ad.  For once I wouldn't mean the text ironic - fewer people clicking == ad 
stays online for longer :-)

-- vbi

> Obviously the entries should be to promote Debian, so the URL is probably
>  a sub-page/domain of debian.org.
> I'll be the jury (it's my voucher, right?) and will pick the
>  entry/entries I like best from what is posted on this mailing list.  I
>  will (try to) read the
> discussion around the weekend in two weeks (13.2.) and then decide what
>  to do.
> I'll announce results here, too.
> cheers
> -- vbi

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