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times.d.n status?


[cc:s of replies appreciated.  Thanks.]

I'm trying to get back to a more regular publishing schedule for the "random 
developer" interviews at times.debian.net -- but lately times.d.n has been 
down more often than not, and I hesitate to send out another batch of 
interview requests.

I'm not subscribed to this list anymore (but I had a look at the list 
archives) and haven't found anything recent beyond [1] which says there was 
no final decision.

Is times.d.n going to be abandoned for now or is there any hope that it will 
be back soon?  Should I move the interviews to news.debian.net (OTOH I'm not 
sure this would be on topic there) or to some other channel?  (Of course, I 
can always abandon the series, although personally I liked to read the 
answers and I did get a few emails expressing the same sentiment.)

-- vbi

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2009/07/msg00010.html

Don't ask about sysfs.  It's a Heisenberg system: attempting to document
it changes the next release.
        -- Robert Landley, "Where Linux Kernel Documentation Hides"

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