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Re: new Debian Project financial partners listing page

Sorry, I forgot to send the new url [0] to this list at last msg.
The page is not linked from any other page at this point, as it is a work in
There are points to reach an agreement, as how proceed with previous donors,
once-off donors, ceased operations donors, etc.
IMHO, the once-off and ceased operations donors, could be honored keeping them
at same list. Since it could be ordered by date of last donation, the recurring
ones will stay at top.
But I still did not receive an answer from SPI nor from Mako Hill regarding the
list of donors. Mako answered that the accountand @ d.o address will be removed
from site. 
I contacted Sanux (the one I remember) and Martin Krafft was to contact his
publisher. No answer yet.
Meanwhile, I solved some layout issues.
Andre Felipe

[0] http://www.debian.org/partners/financial_partners.en.html

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