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DPN after http://news.debian.net?


In April, I sent a mail to the list [1], with some ideas. Graham Cobb 
followed my email with some more nice ideas [2], and then I kept waiting for 
some feedback more, specially from people who has been running until then DPN.

Those ideas served as base for http://news.debian.net that is now exactly
one month old :)
So far everything has been as I expected. Also no too many contributions, but 
still some. I also added some of the automatic stuff mentioned in the previous 
mails like weekly post about the new packages needing help or asked to be 
packaged [3], weekly post about the new packages in Debian and every end of 
the month a list of the new Debian Developers in Debian.
The security issues post remain in my TODO list to be automated together other
small stuff (and if you have any idea mail me :) ).

So now, what? The purpose with this email is ask whether we could try to get 
running again the Debian Project News after the information published on
news.d.o.  It is not hard to do, but some help is needed for doing this.
Currently, news.d.o is only one person, the currently website format takes me 
less than 2h per week and I basically publish the interesting stuff I see and it 
is not something in another public information channel (like d-d-announce), or 
what I get from submission. 

Finally, yes, I am aware of the efforts going on in http://dpn.debian.net but
I know some people likes more the mail-per-week format so I thought I could 


P.S.: In case it is not obvious, if somebody wants to join me in news.d.o,
s/he is totally welcome.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2009/04/msg00015.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2009/04/msg00016.html
[3] Yes, it is similar to the email sent every week to -devel but it adds 
information about the RFH and it is limited to the last week.

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