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[naguilarg@gmail.com: Skolelinux in Nicaragua]

Might be of interest to keep on the radar.

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--- Begin Message --- Hello!!

This is Norman Garcia Aguilar from the Nicaraguan GNU/Linux User Group [0] and member of the Debian Nicaragua Community too[1].

Here in Nicaragua (Central America), with all the community, we are working in a educational project called "Proyecto Guardabarranco". In this moment we are beginning to make the team, make some tests, trying to have our artwork, and looking for donations of computers to use it as thin clients.

We want to make a big project, and to introduce free software in a lot of public schools in our country, and we hope to do that! :)

In this first stage we decide to work with Debian Edu Etch, and when we tryed to make son changes (ipsubnet, domain name, computer name) we had some problems doing that (thanks to Jose Redrejo, he told me that those changes are very hard) so we decide not to change those things. We are downloading Lenny to try with this one :)

I'm writing to this list to let you know about the project, once we have something implemented im going to put Nicaragua on the Skolelinux Map :)

In this moment we are collaborating with Debian Edu in documentation, making the spanish translation of the Etch manual [2] with the help of all the community (we have a lot of people who love to collaborate) and i hope that the spanish translation be the first collaboration of our group and continue contributing to this great project.

If someone wants to know more about the project just let me know and i will answer!! :)

Thanks to all the team for Debian Edu, is a good project and we are happy to use it! :)

[0] http://www.linuxtour.org
[1] http://www.debian.org.ni
[2] http://educa.softwarelibre.org.ni/wiki/DebianEdu/Documentacion/Etch

Norman Garcia Aguilar
Linux user # 444131
Ubuntu user # 15806

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