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Re: ATLAS debian cluster and Debian 5.0 Lenny?

Hello, Carsten
Thanks a lot for your valuable and impressive report.
As I understood, Atlas and Morgane nodes' disk space were repartitioned
and a clean install with a new 5.0 system was performed at each of
Were the nodes upgraded (dist-upgrade), instead, while repartitioning
data disk space?
As I understood, the upgrade performed straight forward, without much
Is the storage space bigger now (for data and sw) or only a bit more
space for nodes programs?
Could you explain a bit more (a few lines) about the procedure of
transferring these TBytes from other countries?
Given that the data crunching will last for months, how do you
classify/verify/expect reliability at the cluster and its sw and deal
with their types of failures?
Andre Felipe

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