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drafts for linux.com


As a result of Martin's post on debian-pub[1] for writing articles about
debian for linux.com, we set up ikiwiki[2]. For people wanting to write
content for linux.com about debian, please, add your feed[1] (on the
homepage), they should only deal with debian !

Ikiwiki is used to aggregate articles about debian, because we think
it's better to write drafts, first, before publishing on linux.com. We
need to define a process to know how to work ! I would like to get your

Here are my ideas :

1) For people wanting to publish their articles, they must create a
feed/tag "linux.com drafts" ;
1) They could subscribe their feed/tag on the wiki ;
2) After publishing their article(s), we can give our critics if
necessary, and after n days, they can add/modify a/the tag (linux.com
for example) to their article to officially publish it on linux.com

And posts are available here :

[1] : http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2009/04/msg00004.html
[2] : http://pulse.madduck.net/~sfantar/drafts/


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