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Debian support for Marvell Kirkwood

Here's a proposed entry for DPN:

Martin Michlmayr reported that he is porting Debian to Marvell's new
Kirkwood platform.  Kirkwood integrates an ARM CPU, Ethernet, SATA,
USB, SDIO and other functionality in one chip and can go up to 2 GHz.
Work is underway to support QNAP's new <a href =
"http://www.cyrius.com/journal/debian/kirkwood/qnap";>TS-119 and TS-219
Turbo NAS</a> devices as well as a very small and fan-less device
called the <a href =
which Michlmayr calls "a killer replacement for the NSLU2". Offered at
under $100, it features a 1.2 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB flash and
fits in a hand.

Martin Michlmayr

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