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Re: 356,800: World's largest Linux desktop deployment?

Le February 20, 2009 05:27:29 am AndreMachado, vous avez écrit :
> Hello,
> 356,800 virtualized desktops.
> Is it worth to spread the word about the Debian based deployment [0]?
> The chosen distro is a debian-based Linux Educacional 2.0, because the
> newest 3.0
> (kubuntu based [2]) was still not certified since previous bid [1].
> Also, the Userful Multiplier sw is proprietary and the hw seems to be
> non-standard.
> Suggestions?

I don't know. Userful claims its hardware is standard. Wikipedia seems to say 
it's mostly standard. Wikipedia's Userful article could be improved. It still 
talks about Userful Desktop as being based on Red Hat. Lenny isn't listed as 
supported in Userful Multiplier's documentation. Is it actually supported?

Regarding Debian, this *is* a very large deployment of Debian-like desktops. 
However, it's only a distribution based on Debian, and as you say, the 
current version is based on Kubuntu. Do we have information on Linux 
Educacional 2.0? There were already several big Debian deployments, and this 
one is only an announcement yet.

I might suggest to let it mature.

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