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Re: ATLAS debian cluster

On Wed, 04 Feb 2009, AndreMachado wrote:
> Congratulations for another [0] press coverage about the ATLAS
> debian cluster [1].
> Please, at next interviews, we ask you to include a small citation
> about running on Debian GNU / Linux.

People don't need to cite Debian. It's great if they do, but there's
no requirement. It's also not the case that someone being interviewed
has a great deal of control over what the reporter actually reports;
since the reporter never mentioned the underlying operating system in
the article, it's quite possible that it was mentioned during the
interview, and not properly reported.

We should be happy when people do cite Debian, but we don't need to
concern ourselves with when it doesn't happen.

Finally, it's not good form to mail someone like this as if you were
acting on behalf of the project when you're not. [Even our DPL has to
be careful when acting on behalf of the project.]

Don Armstrong

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