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Re: more content for times.d.n: developers interviews

On Friday 28 November 2008 00.56:37 you wrote:

> You got mail from the ud-ldap behind the machines we use and should now
> be able to login. 

Thanks, that was quick...

What is the process?

 * I think the interviews should be in their own 
category.  "people"?  "interviews"?  
 * Is simply mentioning the category in the header of the first article 
enough to create it?
 * and speaking of creating the articles:  The svn repo seems to be dead.  
Are the articles just the files in /org/.../?  (I saw the README)

I'd be happy for proofreading at least the first one, two articles  (I'll do 
an intro on the first.)  I'll get back to you as soon as I actually have 
the content.

-- vbi

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