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Survey about the Debian Wiki

I'm a PhD student in communication and sociology
[1] and as part of my thesis,  I'm studying the Debian wiki as well as
the francophone Ubuntu Wiki and  the Quebec project in Wikipedia. After
some interviews in DebConf8, Mar del plata, Argentina, and after
talking with developpers there, I realised
there were very different views of the wiki within the Debian
Community. Talking with Franklin Piat (one of the main contributor
and maintener to the wiki), I thought a survey about the uses and
conceptions of Debian wiki should be usefull for my thesis as well as
for the community. 
The survey has been set up online at the following adress
and I already sent the invitation on the following list :
# www list
# debian edu
# debian science
# debian user
# debian devel
# debian-i18n 
After one days, about 30 debianist already answers the survey, which
is great. As I really hope to reach as many debianist as possible
I thought using the news list could be a good way. So this is the
email I wanted to send on the news list. Please keep me informed.

Anne Goldenberg
[1] http://grm.uqam.ca/?q=goldenberg


Dear Debianists,

here is a link toward a survey that was set up by Anne
Goldenberg, a phd student in communication studying the Debian Wiki.

The survey is aimed at a better understanding of the uses and
conceptions of the Debian Wiki within the Debian community.
The results will be put online under a free licence and announced on
this same mailing list.

A description of the survey is also available here :

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