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more content for times.d.n: developers interviews

Heyho all!

I was wondering if a series of interviews with random developers would be well 
received on times.debian.net.  Goal would be to show that Debian developers 
are a diverse lot, why they came to Debian, how they use it.  (If only to show 
that not all DD work on Debian 48h a day, like it seems our esteemed core team 
members do.)

I'd select developers at random and ask them very few questions (who are you?  
why Debian?  how do you use it?) in the hope that the DD I ask actually spend 
the few minutes to answer.  I think I should be able to sustain a frequency of  
an interview every ca. 2 weeks.

[ ] go ahead
[ ] I won't read it, but if you absolutely want to ...
[ ] brainfart
[ ] ...
(Obviously, decision is by times.d.n admin(s), not me)

List of questions, open for comments:

* Who are you?
* How did you end up using Debian and becoming a DD?
* How do you currently use Debian?
* What do you do when you're not working on Debian?

Not sure about:
* What do you think are the strongest / weakest points in Debian?
* Anything else you'd want to tell readers of times.d.n?

-- vbi
[please keep me on cc:s, thanks]

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