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Re: Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?


Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> Some suggestions:
> 1- The slogan *must* have a positive tone and spirit, not excuses nor
> complaints nor half hearted phrases.
> 2- Also, it *could* leverage the toy story movie binocular character
> related concepts.
> 3- What is the intended audience for Lenny? Who is the typical Debian
> user? Is it a power user or a newbie?
> 4- The slogan *should* leverage the strenghts of the Debian distro. What
> are they in order of importance? Is there a word (or 2) to express all
> (most) of them simultaneously?
> 5- The least amount of words possible.

Those guidelines are great. I would be really happy if the slogan could
send a specific message to the community.

At the moment we might want to emphasize that Debian is the mother of
many new distributions targeted to end-users (Ubuntu signs OEM
agreements, Xandros on eeePC, Maemo on tablet PC, etc).

Especially, contribution made here goes to all our derivatives (I don't
say we should steal our derivatives contributors, but just that we want
to receive more patches).

My 2ct slogans sounds like : 
  "Strong roots to build upon."
  "Strong roots to build and see farther."     (for Lenny's long-sight)

(I am not completely happy with those slogan)


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