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Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?

2008/10/10 Meike Reichle <meike@debian.org>:
> Hi all!
>> The DebianArt Team is preparing a banner for the announce of the Lenny.
>> Somebody have some idea of one slogan ?
> I am a bit confused by the current discussion. Are you looking for a new
> lenny-specific slogan or are you trying to decide which of our many
> existing slogans to use?
> Currently the proposals are a bit mixed up, there are new ideas but also
> many well established ones like "The universal OS", "Good things come to
> those who wait", "We only release it when it's ready" etc.
> So, I guess my question is, what are you guys looking for? A collective
> opinion on our existing slogans or a new one only to be used for the
> lenny release?

Yeap! A new one to be used for the lenny release....

> Best,
> Meike
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Andre Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira (si0ux)

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