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Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?

Here are a few possible suggestions:

Lenny- A Spiraling, Evolved, and working distribution.

Lenny--Spiraling into your home!

Lenny--Take your place as the premier desktop solution

Lenny--Envy of all desktops.

Lenny--One Desktop to Rule them all.

Lenny--Lord of the desktops!

Lenny -- The Spiral Strikes Back!

Lenny--Easy as that!

Lenny--When you have to choose one Desktop!

Lenny--Leaving the "Config" behind

Lenny Desktop-- Config, Just isn't necessary!

Lenny Desktop--Config just isn't a word we use anymore!

Lenny --Nothing to do but watch it work!

Lenny--Nothing to do but what you want!

Lenny--Nothing to do but what you desire!

Lenny Desktop-- Easy to your hearts content!

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