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Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?

* Andre Felipe Machado (andremachado@techforce.com.br) [081009 03:12]:
> Hello,
> Some suggestions:
> 1- The slogan *must* have a positive tone and spirit, not excuses nor
> complaints nor half hearted phrases.
> 2- Also, it *could* leverage the toy story movie binocular character
> related concepts.
> 3- What is the intended audience for Lenny? Who is the typical Debian
> user? Is it a power user or a newbie?
> 4- The slogan *should* leverage the strenghts of the Debian distro. What
> are they in order of importance? Is there a word (or 2) to express all
> (most) of them simultaneously?
> 5- The least amount of words possible.

i like those guidlines very much.


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