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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: 1st DRAFT DC8 press release


Eric Dantan Rzewnicki schrieb:

> Stream urls will be:
> http://video.debconf.org:8000/salon_del_mar.ogv.m3u
> http://video.debconf.org:8000/microcine.ogv.m3u
> (plus also the extra geo-specific ones Ganneff wrote in DPN, though I
> don't know about putting all of those in the press release.)

(Ignoring that it wasn't Ganneff who wrote it in the DPN.)

Please, don't mention all URLs.  Set up _one_ page with all the details
and point there from the press release.

That page should contain:

- All URLs (main one, na, eu and au, for both streams)
- the schedule (preferably with timestamps in UTC)
(- if you need anything outside etch, an explanation how to what to do
to view them)
- Which irc channels to join to participate in discussions

We had that in Mexico; worked very well.

Yours sincerely,

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